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Product and service support

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Visit the Chameleon-Support site for quick answers, manuals, and in-depth technical articles. For help with settings and usage please read our Wikipedia site.

Download center

For firmwares, drivers, SD card images, or any other utility please use the following options.

Contact Chameleon Support staff and report bugs

If you have any technical question about the product or an actual installment, you can call us on weekdays between 9:00 and 17:30 (CET). Outside this period if you have an urgent case, please use the Contact form below and describe your problem in as much detail as you can or write to the support@chameleon.sh email address with the subject of „SOS!”. Our team will answer you ASAP!


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Software product support

We provide software support for the software belonging to our products for a minimum of 5 years. Support includes OS updates, firmware updates and security updates.

Certificate Authorization / Compliance

Electronic products usually have to meet compliance standards or certifications before they can be sold in a particular market. These certificates and regulations usually show that the product complies with national standards. Various compliance standards may apply to ensure that the radio frequency emissions from this device do not interfere with other wireless devices.