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The smart home of the
future takes care of you

Care and attention
safety – the smarter way
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A future-proof smart home system

The Chameleon is a “system-independent smart home expert”, i.e. it can adapt not only to the weather, the rhythm of your life and to your mood but also to next generation systems. All this results in a resilient and flexible basic infrastructure that can be extended with the products of any manufacturer – any time.
System-independent island
  • You can hook it up with any smart home system
  • You can freely expand and simplify it
  • You can enjoy our unbiased product recommendations
  • You can integrate it into future smart home systems
Affordable comfort
  • You can opt for brands without commitment
  • Planning in line with your budget limitations
  • You can save on your electricity, gas and water bills
  • You can avoid unnecessary consumption
A home that takes care of you
  • Protects you from storm damage and burglaries
  • Welcomes you with agreeable temperatures
  • Picks the mode that suits the rhythm of your life
  • Waters your plants as a devoted gardener

Step by step

This is how the Chameleon smart home system moves into your home

1. Consultation

We discuss what functions you need and how your ideas can be implemented.

2. Design

We prepare the system installation plans and deliver the necessary components.

3. System installation

Your electrician runs the cables and prepares the location using the plans provided.

4. Programming

We visit the site, install, set up your devices and test the entire system.

5. Handing over

After the functions have been programmed and your mobile app has been set up you can start using your smart home.
First step

The Chameleon smart home system in your everyday life

Gives you a helping hand in the background – without you even noticing it

Your home is expecting you back

And how! With your preferred temperature, the lights that suit your mood and with a heated sauna or Jacuzzi. Oh, and as it can recognise you, it will even open the door for you.
How smarthome works

Takes care of everything while you are on holiday

Nem hűti/fűti Does not cool/heat your home unnecessarily and still welcomes you with your preferred temperature – all you need is to tell it how long you will be away.
How smarthome works

Keeps a watchful eye on your home at night, too

One touch of a button will lock the doors, close the shutters and turn off the lights. And, at night, subdued lights will show you the way.
How smarthome works

Gets prepared for the storm

When the system senses that a rain or high wind is coming up, it closes the shutters to protect the windows and makes sure that the sun sails are safe, too.
How smarthome works
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The Chameleon gets along well with these, too

The Chameleon smart home system is there for you but it is happy to cooperate with other systems, too
chameleon-okosotthon-apple-homekit.webp Apple HomeKit
chameleon-okosotthon-amazon-alexa.webp Amazon Alexa
chameleon-okosotthon-google-home.webp Google Home
chameleon-okosotthon-loxone.webp Loxone
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Control – the way you like it

Your hands are not tied up because our proprietary app puts all the available features under your fingertips.
classic_switchs.webp Traditional switch
voice.webp Voice control
application.webp Application
smart_watch.webp Smart devices
timer_with_ai.webp Automation

Homes that we have smartified


Seven-unit condo, Budapest

Lighting, heating, irrigation, audio, access control, shutters, Apple Home Kit, Loxone
750 m² / 13 functions / 500+ devices

Two-bedroom apartment, Budapest

Lighting, heating, shutters, access control, security, audio, Apple Home Kit
70 m² / 17 functions / 42 devices
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