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One of the most frequently used smart home functions: heat up the sauna for the time of your arrival or turn it off when not in use. You can free yourself of the burdens of pool control, too: leave it to your smart home system.

Sauna control

The time has come when all you need to do after your get home from work is put on your swimming trunks or bikini and get comfortable in your cosy, hot sauna – it will be waiting for you preheated by the smart home system.

Pool control

From now on, your pool or Jacuzzi will be waiting for you to dip in and relax. The temperature will be exactly as you like it and even the pool roof can be opened or closed at the touch of a button.

Remote control

You can adjust the wellness functions anytime, wherever you are (in the office, on holiday or waiting at a red light). Not only with buttons but also with voice commands.
First step

More functions

Control – the way you like it

Your hands are not tied up because our proprietary app puts all the available features under your fingertips.
classic_switchs.webp Traditional switch
voice.webp Voice control
application.webp Application
smart_watch.webp Smart devices
timer_with_ai.webp Automation

Move into our demo home to find out how it feels to live in a smart home

If you are not sure what aspects you need to consider at the design phase to make sure everything runs smooth with the Chameleon, come and ask for assistance. We are glad to help.