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Everyday life with a Chameleon smart home

Not many manufacturers really walk the extra mile to provide their clients with a system that will be able to keep abreast of technological development in 10 years’ time. Considering the fact that your home is a long-term investment, we are firm believers of integration as opposed to closed systems. We believe we do not need to solve every problem. What we do need to do is provide a firm basic system and cherry-pick the market players who could create something special in their own field. By integrating these, our users can acquire an infinitely flexible, future-proof and feature-rich system that they will be able to enjoy in their home for many years to come.

A reliable wired solution

The two key aspects in a home are security and stability. They are what the Chameleon is offering to you with its maintenance-free, reliable and still easily deployable wired system.

Ready, steady… Smart Home Ready

Shed some of your burdens by walking the road of incremental development: install some components at a later time. Our system can be expanded very flexibly (even using third-party components), so you can add your favourite functions step by step.

I will stand by you today, tomorrow and in ten years’ time

You can expand me with any function anytime. This means I will never grow old and whenever a new solution takes your fancy you can add it to my feature set, be it a turbo-charged version of an existing function or a brand new device.

You decide who can connect to me

I appreciate that you do not want to commit to one single brand, therefore you can expand my feature set with the products of various manufacturers simultaneously, be it iNels, Apple HomeKit, Loxone, or Amazon Alexa.

I am making sure you save money

There is no denying the fact that one can get used to everyday luxuries in a heartbeat: shading the room with the press of a button, being welcome home by a warm Jacuzzi or opening one’s eyes to your favourite music in the morning. But in the long run you will also notice that I am helping you save money on your monthly bills.

I adapt flexibly if you want to make changes

I offer a gazillion of opportunities not only for expansion but also for streamlining or changes. You prefer a function offered by another vendor? Or you do not use one of the features anymore, so it has become redundant? I adapt to your needs and not to manufacturers.
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Control – the way you like it

Control – the way you like it, while your older family members can still use the traditional switches.
classic_switchs.webp Traditional switch
voice.webp Voice control
application.webp Application
smart_watch.webp Smart devices
timer_with_ai.webp Automation

The most popular functions

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