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A selection of our recent projects

Seven-unit condo, Budapest

Lighting, heating, irrigation, audio, access control, shutters, Apple Home Kit, Loxone
750 m² / 13 functions / 500+ devices

Two-bedroom apartment, Budapest

Lighting, heating, shutters, access control, security, audio, Apple Home Kit
70 m² / 17 functions / 42 devices

One-bedroom new-build apartment, Budapest

Lighting, heating, shutters, Apple Home Kit
42 m² / 7 functions / 19 devices

Eight-room office, Budapest

Lighting, access control, Apple Home Kit, Amazon, NGBS
260 m² / 13 functions / 34 devices

New-build detached home, Dabas

Lighting, heating, security, access control, Loxone
100m² / 7 functions / 28 devices

Holiday studio, Balatonboglár

Lighting, heating, shutters, access control, Apple Home Kit
30m² / 4 functions / 8 devices

Move into our demo home to find out how it feels to live in a smart home

If you are not sure what aspects you need to consider at the design phase to make sure everything runs smooth with the Chameleon, come and ask for assistance. We are glad to help.

The most popular functions

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The Chameleon gets along well with these, too

The Chameleon smart home system is there for you but it is happy to cooperate with other systems, too
chameleon-okosotthon-apple-homekit.webp Apple HomeKit
chameleon-okosotthon-amazon-alexa.webp Amazon Alexa
chameleon-okosotthon-google-home.webp Google Home
chameleon-okosotthon-loxone.webp Loxone
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