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Our system is compatible with several alternative key technologies. You do not need to rummage for your keys in your bag or pocket anymore and now you can grant one-time, random or temporary access to your garden, garage or even your apartment. You can control who can enter where and how. We summed up the possibilities below.

Fingerprint control

As opposed to classic fingerprint control technology you can remote control who can enter your apartment even without storing the fingerprint itself. This method offers the same level of security as banking passwords.

Numerical code entry

Grant access to a delivery guy or the cleaning lady without ever having met them in person. Generate new codes for your tenants, with a timed validity if required. And choose a reader whose design suits your home.

NFC tag access control

A single touch of a button is enough to lock the doors, close the shutters and turn off the lights. And, at night, subdued illumination will show you the way after dark.

Bluetooth access control

Using Bluetooth technology you can open the entrance of the condominium or the garage door without touching any device to the reader. Proximity ranges can be adjusted to prevent the door from opening inadvertently. The system works with both mobile phones and smart watches and it goes without saying that the doors open to authorised persons only.

Intercom control

Chameleon elevates intercoms to a new level, too, because when someone rings the doorbell you can see and talk to them on your mobile, and let them in with the touch of a button.

Face recognition – Coming soon

You are probably aware that your smartphone can be unlocked by face recognition. The same technology is used in access control: you only need to hold your face close to the reader to be granted access.

Entry permission control

On weekends only? Or from noon until 2 p.m.? You can fine tune all these details using the entry permission control feature: you are free to decide who and when can enter the garden or the various rooms of the property and when.

Remote control

Nowadays you can work from home and talk to family members who are away anytime. We believe you can expect to access all the functions of your home from the distance if required.
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Control – the way you like it

Your hands are not tied up because our proprietary app puts all the available features under your fingertips.
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Move into our demo home to find out how it feels to live in a smart home

If you are not sure what aspects you need to consider at the design phase to make sure everything runs smooth with the Chameleon, come and ask for assistance. We are glad to help.