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Team and mission

Experience has shown that closed technological systems cannot stand the test of time. Smartphones could gain traction in earnest when applications started to appear and users could customise their units to suit their lifestyle. It would be hard to imagine a phone whose features are limited to those defined by the factory.
The car manufacturing industry is undergoing a complete transformation before our eyes. The software included in a car is becoming more valuable than the car itself. Petrol models with a closed system that can only be updated in the dealer’s workshop are replaced by autonomous electric models whose software is updated remotely at night to give the owner new and improved features. It will be the norm that a four-year old car will work differently than it did at the time it was manufactured. It will improve and update itself, just like smartphones do.
We firmly believe that the smart home systems of the future will not be any different. We are working on providing support for as many manufacturers as possible and on giving users a choice of manufacturers and technologies while ensuring the stability and security of their system. We create a rock-solid basic system required for core operations and then provide the bridge that connects it to the products of other manufacturers so that they can be integrated into the system we have installed. We do not believe in closed systems. Neither do we believe that any single manufacturer should be providing a solution to each and every problem when it sets out to develop a smart home system.
What we do believe in is that if we cherry-pick the manufacturers that have created something extraordinary in their own respective field and we integrate these creations then we can guarantee a level of freedom and functionality to our users that they could never achieve with a closed system.
If you would like to join us, take a look at the list of our vacant positions and help us make a genuinely independent, open-system smart home platform come true.

Our team

Szarvas Péter President and CEO
Biró Róbert Co-Founder, Head of Development
Tóth Judit Finance

Looking for a job?

We are always happy to have a talented, committed new team member. Drop us a line if you like what you see here because you love smart systems and you think you would be happy to work with us (no matter if you are a fresh university graduate or you already have a few years’ work experience under your belt).
Open positions

Care to become our partner?

We are open to cooperation. If you see potential in what we do, please send us a mail or give us a ring.

You can find us here
1155 Budapest, Óda utca 22., HUNGARY

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